Abstracts are accepted until February 12, 2016 (midnight).

Sending of complete presentation to February 20, 2016 (midnight)

The submission of abstracts is EXCLUSIVELY ELECTRONICspaceSubmission” to that effect on the site of the Conference.


Abstracts must be submitted in French and English.

Each summary should include: an informative title, list of authors, a text structured in the following way (Introduction, objective, method, results, Discussion, Conclusion).

Please observe the following presentation:

  • Title of the abstract:in capital letters.
  • Authors: for each author, indicate in letters his entire name or initial (s) of (s) name (s). A comma to separate each author. Bold and underline the name of the author-speaker (who will present the communication). Example: YAPO J., AMOI NJ....
  • Primary professional affiliation of each author written lowercase and connected to its author by one or more placed Star (s) in format Exhibitor according to the order of appearance of the authors.
  • Abbreviations permitted if they are predefined in the summary (to be placed in parentheses after the entire word upon its first publication in the text).
  • Calibration: Maximum 300 words, excluding title, list of authors and key words.
  • Font: Times new roman; SIZE: 12; KEY words: maximum 5.
  • Line spacing: 1.5.

Important: no summary will be accepted if it is written outside the planned framework.

Before you submit an abstract,we invite you to consult the following session themes:

  1. Forensic Investigation into Violence against People in Conflicts.
  2. Ethical Issues in Mass Migrations duringConflicts.
  3. Medical Assistance in Times of Conflicts.
  4. Forensic Identification of Missing Persons following Conflicts.
  5. Custodial Medicine.
  6. Free communications.

SUBMISSION (Forms, click here)