1. Visa for nationals outside ECOWAS. Here are the procedures for obtaining the entry visa for Côte d'Ivoire:

- Send us copies of the first pages of your passport (number, photos and identity ) valid at the following address : or . These documents will issue you a letter of entry in Côte d'Ivoire, which will facilitate boarding. The issue of an entry visa will be on site at the Abidjan airport. Provide for a sum that about 120 USD / 110 Euros ( 70 000 CFA ) .

- The request can be made via Internet at: (e- visa) .

- The application can be done with the consulates of Ivory Coast in your respective countries .

2. Keeping Current Yellow Fever vaccination

3. Hotel reservation Contact transit in Abidjan: Hôtel ONOMO

E-mail : 


Phone: +225 21 21 21 91

Night rate: 62 500 FCFA (105 USD - 96 euros)

4. National Currency: franc CFA

5. Communicate us your flight plan: (origin, date and time of arrival and departure)